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The Right Koi Filters for Happy and Healthy Koi Fish

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When raising Koi fish, it is enormously significant to have the correct Koi filters in place in your pond. Koi fish are particularly sensitive to their watery environment, so careful consideration is needed when buying your choice of Koi pond filters.

What is the Purpose of Koi Filters?

The correct filter for Koi pond will help maintain the natural balance in the pond environment. The purpose of Koi filters is to remove the waste created by the Koi fish. Out in the open, fish waste is dispersed by the natural current of the water. However in a self-contained pond, this natural function needs to be performed by Koi filters. Actually, most purchased Koi filters perform two functions:

1. A pond filter’s mechanical function removes solid pond waste using the water flow and gravity. These large particles are trapped in the filter. As the pond owner, you just need to empty out the filter on a regular basis.

2. A Koi filter’s biological filtration uses bacteria to convert toxic ammonia or pH into harmless small amounts of nitrates. A low level of pH is normal in a pond. But, you can endanger your Koi fishes’ health if you leave a high level of pH untreated. is a well established and knowledgeable supplier of Koi pond filtration systems. Click to see their extensive product range.

Water Pumps are also needed to Help Koi Filters Work Properly

An excellent water pump is required to propel water through most Koi pond filters. Typical Koi pond filters are just not powerful enough to circulate water on their own. You need that pump to move and circulate water around the entire pond.

Purchase a Waterfall in Addition to a Pond Filter

Almost as important as your choice of Koi pond filters, a small waterfall, fountain or some other type of water device is a recommended purchase. Your Koi fish must have a constant supply of oxygen in their pond. As well as providing a beautiful pond feature, a fountain or waterfall will provide Koi pond aeration, i.e. agitation of the water to mix in oxygen from the air.

Check your Koi Pond’s Chemical Balance

Weekly, make sure that you test your pond’s chemical composition. You have two ways of doing this. Either:

1. Take a pond water sample to a local pet store. Ask them to do the test for you.

2. Purchase a home testing kit and do the testing yourself.

So that you Koi fish stay healthy for a long time, you want to make sure that the chemical makeup of the pond is balanced and normal.

Finally About Koi Filters

If you want to own a spectacular koi fish pond some regular upkeep is required. Picking the right choice Koi filters is part of your Koi pond responsibility. Having said that, caring for Koi fish absolutely remains one of the most rewarding of activities.

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Overview of the Choosing a Koi Pond Filter System

On the market there are a variety of Koi pond filter systems for Koi Gardens. And choosing the right filter system is not necessarily the easiest decision to make. The right pond filter for your Koi pond, depends on the local conditions and the following factors:
- Pond size,
- Desired number of koi,
- The pond location (sun or shade) and the effort required for the cleaning of the filter.
The dimensions of the Koi pond filter should always be as large as possible, because large filters will always work better than small and thus protect your Koi carp better.

Can a small pond filter be as good as a large one?

Large pond filters are more effective than small ones. A properly sized filter system also keeps the cleaning effort at a minimum.

In a Koi pond is using a pond filter is preferable, in which the water is managed by gravity through a pipe system into the pond filter, while the pond pump pumps  clean water back into the pond.  Pick a Koi pond filter that ensures that the entire pond water can be recycled every 1 – 3 hours.

Make the Right Choice of Pond Pump

To purchase the most suitable pond pump you need to consider a number of factors beforehand.  The manufacturer’s specified maximum flow rates for pond pumps are always in net benefits, i.e. measured directly at the nozzle. Without the resistance of pond filter, UV lamp, pipes and height difference into account. Tests in practice have shown that the actual flow of the pond pump is much lower than specified by the manufacturer. If the performance of the pond pump is too low, the dirt does not even land in the pond filter. It is important that the pipe or tube diameter is large enough (40mm or 50mm) and the entire line as short as possible.

Changing the Koi Pond Water

whichever pond filter you choose, you will still need to change the water. Do this is regularly (more often in summer than in winter) as no pond filter can filter out all pond pollutants.

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