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Occasionally, we will answer some typical Koi pond filter and other related questions. Hope this helps.

Question 1: I’ve just build a really small Koi pond. Do I really need a Koi pond filter? Won’t my fish be OK in a small pond?

Answer: Yes indeed, you do need a filter. I’d recommend that you purchase a standard pond filter for your size pond. Then fill it with a layer of lava rocks and put the white mesh over top and close up and start the Koi pond filter.
Don’t forget to clean the white mesh and rocks regularly. I’d say, do this once a month but depending on where you live, you might need to clean the Koi filter more often. Very important step to add to your pond fish care routine.
Also think about adding Water Hyacinths to your pond as these help to keep algae growth down.

Question 2: I have a new rubberized liner in my Koi pond. I’m not sure how to keep it clean. I already have my pond filters and pump in place and working. Is that enough to keep the pond clean?

Answer: Your best bet is to add more nitrate eating plants in your pond. As the Koi eat they create waste product. That waste mixes in with rotting leaves and the like. All this creates ammonia which is quite toxic to Koi fish. The fish waste combines with decaying leaves to create ammonia, which is toxic to the fish. A chemical chain reaction turns that ammonia into nitrate which is really only safe in small quantities. Plants absorb the nitrate keeping the nitrate level to a safe amount. Use a mixture of potted varieties like Cardinal Lobelia, Water Iris, and Lilies. I’d also recommend underwater oxygenators like Anacharis and floating varieties like Water Hyacinth, Water Lettuce and Fairy Fern.

Question 3: I have a Koi pool sand filter. Can I use another type of sand instead of the really expensive silica sand?

Answer: I would definitely NOT recommend using sand in a Koi pond. Koi fish play around in the substrate a lot. Sand will get into their gills and act like little bits of glass. Not good!
When that sand starts getting dirty and it will get very dirty, you will regret using sand. Opt for a bare bottom in the pond. They’re much easier to clean.

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