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What is a Good Size for our Koi Pond Filter?

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Here’s a common type of question regarding pond filters I often read on Koi pond forums and the like:

“We’re in the middle of planning the build of our Koi pond and waterfall. It’s going to be approximately 150 square feet in size. We’re planning on using sand and a pond liner. The water pump we have is rated 2400 gallons per hour. Given all of that, what size of Koi filter is the best?”

I would remind the asker that Koi filter packaging usually states how many gallons it is suitable for. So just figure out how many gallons the pond will hold and take it from there. As a rough guide, I’d recommend a Koi pond filter volume of not less that 33% of the total pond water volume. For example, a 3,000 gallon pond should have a filter capable of handling 1,000 gallons of pond water at any given moment.

Beyond the pond filter though, don’t discount the effectiveness of appropriate pond plants. They are vitally important in keeping the fish pond naturally clean. Make sure 25% of water surface is covered in water plants. They will filter water and provide oxygen, while the roots will eat algae-causing organisms in the water.

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