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Does your Koi Filter Still Leave your Pond an Odd Color?

Traditional Japanese garden with koi.
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A friend who is still new to Koi care was confused as why their filtered Koi pond looked like “pea soup”. She’s using a Koi pond filter with a biological system and has used an algae destroyer. Here are a couple of things that I recommended she should try.

My friend’s good for using a Koi filter but she should also put a UV light to use. As the pump pushes water through the UV light, the rays will kill the algae. That dead alga then gets pushed into and is trapped by the Koi pond filter. The now clean water is circulated around the pond. She needs to step up her regular pond filter cleaning schedule – maybe clean it out daily for a week or so. has nearly 10 years of online experience in supplying Koi pond supplies. Click here to check out their range of UV pond filters.

To supplement the UV light approach, I asked that she try planting Mint (any type of Mint, really) near the Koi pond’s edge. As Mint grows further in the pond, its roots will help keep the pond clean.

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